4 Ways to Improve Physician and Provider Satisfaction

How to Improve Provider Satisfaction and Enhance Payor-Provider Relations

Historically, the relationship between payors and providers is a complicated one. Though each group strives to provide what’s best for their patient community, maintaining a good working relationship isn’t always easy. Differing responsibilities, lack of communication, and financial pressures have long hindered a smooth rapport between these groups. Now, in the aftermath of COVID-19, both payors and providers are faced with new and unprecedented challenges that continue to disrupt an already tenuous relationship.

Here, we outline the factors that contribute most to this strained relationship in a post-COVID landscape, their effects on patient care, and how both groups can cultivate a healthier, more collaborative relationship that fosters positive outcomes for patients and a better functioning health system.

What causes strained relationships between payors and providers?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a long lasting impact on every facet of the healthcare system, including the payor-provider relationship. Though obstacles in this relationship existed before the emergence of the virus, several post-COVID trends have created new burdens that are affecting the relationship. Some of these factors include:

Why is provider satisfaction important?

The challenges above can lead to financial and administrative unpredictability, both of which can negatively impact provider satisfaction. Lack of physician satisfaction is one of the key indicators of provider burnout, which can have a significant impact on quality of patient care.  


Provider burnout is nothing new. Medicine is a taxing career, but dissatisfaction in work-life balance among healthcare providers has increased significantly in recent years. One study involving more than 7,000 participants found that provider dissatisfaction in work-life balance was almost double that of the general population. Additional research shows that provider burnout rates are on the rise, with over 62% of physicians reporting burnout in 2021 compared to 45.5% in 2011. 

Combined with COVID-related stress, some researchers have found that one in three providers plan to reduce their work hours while one in five providers plan to leave their current practice within two years. Burnout was also associated with significantly lower productivity in the field.

How can provider satisfaction be improved?

Improving provider satisfaction can encompass a variety of solutions. According to the results of one study of over 20,000 providers, reducing burnout and improving providers’ sense of feeling valued by their organization may work to improve clinician satisfaction and the overall efficiency of their healthcare systems. But how can one reduce burnout in an increasingly physically and emotionally demanding field? Improving the relationship between payors and providers may go a long way toward achieving this goal.  

How can I improve my payor-provider relationship?

Reducing the amount of time providers spend on administrative tasks can help to build a healthier relationship between payors and providers, increase provider autonomy in the workplace, and improve the overall quality of patient care. 


Here are some actionable items that can work to improve the payor-provider relationship and reduce provider burnout:

Improving the functionality and efficiency of our healthcare systems requires open, communicative, and collaborative relationships between payors and providers. What’s more, payors and providers who leverage technology to streamline credentialing, enrollment, and other administrative tasks can give providers more time with their patients in support of better patient outcomes. 


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