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The CertifyOS & Mocingbird Partnership: Creating Efficiencies for Providers and Administrators Through Stakeholder Collaboration

CertifyOS partners with Mocingbird

CertifyOS and Mocingbird announced a new partnership this week, which integrates the two companies’ platforms, creating a single, streamlined data sharing infrastructure for provider licensure and continuing medical education. This partnership will directly address gaps in the provider intelligence system between administrators and the providers themselves, allowing for seamless monitoring by all stakeholders, and eliminating duplicative data entry and other redundancies that arise when working with two disparate systems.

Leadership at CertifyOS and Mocingbird realized the synergies that existed across their API-led platforms, and the power of combining their efforts to solve for perpetual inefficiencies in the U.S. healthcare system. Now, customers working with both companies will have the ability to address new licensures, license renewals, and ongoing monitoring of CME requirements, helping to keep all parties apprised of expiration dates to avoid fines or compliance issues.

This novel partnership is a key example of the power of stakeholder collaboration to drive impact on a national scale. API-led platforms are transforming myriad elements of healthcare—disjointed systems, disparate platforms, and inefficient processes are being replaced with new standards that will shift the paradigm of healthcare. Innovation in the business of healthcare creates crucial benefits in the provision of care. By coordinating our efforts and forging these kinds of partnerships, stakeholders can bring about rapid, and sorely needed, change that will improve operations across the board.

We believe automation is essential to the future of healthcare, and we have only just begun to realize the opportunities that exist among stakeholders. CertifyOS is eager to see what our partnership with Mocingbird will yield, and we are continuously looking at the industry to identify potential partners who can help bring about systemic change for the benefit of everyone involved in healthcare.

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