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Welcome to Our New Website and Brand Identity

A modernized company vision reinforces our commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare.

New website, brand, and vision

Today we are proud to present our new website, brand identity, and vision. We’ve changed our logo from CertifyOS to simply Certify, to better state what we do for you. But we are still the same standout player that has brought you frictionless provider data intelligence. That hasn’t changed. In an industry often characterized by technical jargon and complex manual solutions, our focus on warmth and human-centric design has led us to present you with a website that prioritizes ease of use, user experience, and customer satisfaction.

Our new website includes:

  • Logo + Typeface: Certify’s new logo and font help bring to life the trustworthy nature of our products.
  • Colors: The purple shades in the new color palette better reflect the credibility and maturity of Certify while the secondary shades bring warmth to the brand.
  • Iconography + Illustrations: The bold and progressive nature of the platform is brought to life through the new branding, with strong graphics and a refreshing illustrative style.

“Our steadfast mission to build the data infrastructure that powers the next generation of provider data products driving streamlined data processes, empowering businesses, and illuminating pathways to effortless decision-making is represented in our new brand identity through both vibrant design elements and strategic messaging,” said Anshul Rathi, Founder and CEO of Certify. "The rollout of our new brand identity is a pivotal moment in Certify’s’ journey, as this visually represents the company’s unwavering commitment to becoming a beacon for frictionless provider data intelligence.”

Enjoy our new website and logo! If you’d like to share your reaction or a comment, reach out to sales@certifyos.com.

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