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Who we serve

Digital health companies and telehealth platforms

Grow your provider footprint

Scale your provider network to new markets more efficiently with credentialing, streamlined provider licensing, and health plan enrollment.

“CertifyOS has been an incredible partner for us, and really sped up our expansion to service new markets. The team there are true Subject Matter Experts in the licensing and credentialing space. They helped us get our providers licensed and credentialed faster than we could’ve ever imagined.”

Jamie Schwartz

Health insurance companies

Credential new providers into your network in minutes, really

We Integrate Into Hundreds Of Primary Sources To Provide You With Real-Time, Automated NCQA-Compliant Credentialing And Ongoing Monitoring.

“Provider data integrity is critical to what we do here at Carrum Health. We were really impressed by the speed and accuracy with which CertifyOS could get high-quality data on our provider network. Integrating into their infrastructure to create a truly frictionless process was easy and straightforward”

Brook Bi, Provider Data Analytics

Health systems and provider groups

Ensure compliance with your organization’s credentialing requirements

We Help You Reduce Costs And Save Time By Automating Roster Management And By Automating Your Workflows

“We first began working with CertifyOS to get large in-network contracts for our specialty provider network. We quickly learned that their capabilities were far wider-reaching, and scaled our use to their licensing services as well. Their platform pulled high-quality, granular data points on our provider network that strengthened our applications while minimizing the burden on us.”

Christopher Glinksi, Sr. Director Operations

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